NWDE March meeting today. 3-2-24. Good turnout of 8 members and 3 Datsuns were driven. Lachlan's 260 Z, Don's 66 roadster and Todd's British Datsun. 

Poor weather today.

Progress is being made by Dave F. and David N. on the 3 projects that Pat was undertaking. Katie's gas tank and sender are resolved. Her Australian custom pistons are returned to the maker who has agreed to make them right.

Pat was doing engine work for a third non NWDE member and the Dave's were at Pats today to give the guy all his parts and settle up the bill.

We owe a big thanks to the Dave's for stepping in to help. They have spent many hours resolving the situation.

Ted suggested we attend 3 cars shows as a club this year. 

Greenwood as usual. David N. is the contact. 

The Cruise the Narrows show has been ok but it does not suit our purpose of showing the Datsun "flag" to a large audience. The show is too small. It is proposed to attend the Return to Renton show instead. Lachlan is the contact.

Last year Gregg L promoted the Edmonds car show and those who went said it was large with lots of spectators. David Niess will be the contact and work with Gregg to organize our attendance.

New member Nigel S. reported that he sent his roadster to Ron Weldon in the San Francisco area for his needed repairs. Ron knows how to work on Roadsters and has completed a few. 

There was interest in attending when roadster work is being done. The recent suspension overhaul by Steve F. is a case in point. Others would have come to learn if they had know.

Steve has a great garage and is willing to have members come to observe and learn.

If you are doing a roadster project let members know so they can help, observe, learn, and drink beer and eat pizza (provided by the club!).

There is no date conflict this year so you can go to the Shasta show on June 21-22 and Greenwood on June 29.