March 4, 2023

NWDE March meeting. 3-4-23.

Great turnout of 13 members.

No vintage Datsuns were driven due to cold wet weather.

Ken Harms reported that the Body Shop business is still suffering from lack of parts.

Katy made an appearance. She is planning to have her 65 1500 ready for Shasta!. Only 5 months.

The club expressed our appreciation to Lachlan for building the new NWDE web site.

It is excellent. Check it out at the link below.

We will decide on the future of the old web site and retention of our domain name.

Lachlan is having his "Engine Pull and Clutch Replacement" workshop/party on Saturday March 18.

Come and help, learn, advise, drink beer, eat pizza. Address and reminder emails coming from Lachlan.

Ted had an initial report on Dan R's engine failure.

DEF and Pat removed the head on Thursday and found bent valves and strange cylinder damage.

Cause is undetermined at this point. A more detailed report from DEF is expected.

The possibility of moving the meeting location was discussed at the last meeting.

At the current time the majority of regular meeting attendees are north of Renton.

Don A suggested the new North Seattle Round Table Pizza in at 155th and Aurora.

A change in the meeting location needs to meet the following conditions and a vote of the members.

Close to the majority of members. Suitable fast-food place with room for our meeting.

Parking for up to 15 Datsuns apart from the regular restaurant parking and viewable from inside.

Don was asked to confirm the above and post pictures to NWDE in anticipation of a vote on the location change.

New NWDE web site.