Saturday February 3rd, 2024 NWDE Meeting

Lachlan here with bad notes and a late report (helping out our absent leaders).

We had a nice day that brought out 3 roadsters and 1 Z car. We had 8 members present and 2 guests (Jex’s brother and nephew). And a mid season visit from Art currently in Florida. He got his roadster out of storage and it seemed to be running and driving well. 

Treasurer report was good as dues are still coming in. You can send in your dues here.

Firestone gave some updates about Katie and Dan’s cars. Katie’s gas take is missing and he can’t find any paperwork of where it was sent. Another issue was some custom pistons from Australia that need to be returned and redone. 

Firestone also showed off a 320 truck binder he got that was in better condition than anything Steve had ever seen.

Finally, Firestone has a “Roadster specific” tow bar that belongs to the club if anyone would like to use it. The rule is that the last person to use it… stores it.

Lachlan reminded everyone to send pictures of their cars for the website. Please give a year, model, and anything else fun about it (like if it’s a sr20 or whatever). Art and Gordon have both sent in pictures and the website is updated here.