April 1, 2023

NWDE Monthly meeting. April 1 2023.

Good turnout of 13 members. It was bad weather again. Only Lachlan drove his Datsun 260Z.

ONE of these Saturday meeting days will be nice and we will see over 10 Datsuns driven.

The annual NWDE Spring Party will be Saturday May 13. Generously hosted again by Mr. Firestone.

More details to follow so save that date for our premier social event. All NWDE members invited.

The search for a more central monthly meeting location is still underway.

NWDE will attend the big Greenwood Car Show in Seattle on Saturday June 24.

NWDE has been at the show for over a decade showing the Datsun "flag"

and it is important we attend in numbers to retain our prime parking spaces.

The Mt. Shasta Datsun Roadster Show is the same weekend and a few of the Greenwood regulars will go to Shasta.

It was agreed to invite non NWDE members, as we did last year, to fill as many spaces as possible.

David Niess agreed (post meeting) to be the NWDE lead for this show. More details shortly.

NWDE will also attend again the popular Cruise the Narrows car show on Saturday Aug. 5.

More details later. Save that date and join us at the show. Ted will be the NWDE lead for this show.

Lachlan will be attending the Return to Renton car show on Sunday, July 9.

The show has returned to downtown Renton. Just like the old days. Lachlan will be the NWDE lead. More details later.

Ted reported that the Vietnam company that provides roadster bumpers and trim is making the roadster headlight scoops.

Samples are on the way to Ray Lim in LA for evaluation.

Based on their other products, these will quite acceptable and reasonably priced. Stainless not chrome.

It will be months yet but a group buy may be possible. They usually offer 1/3 off for a large purchase.