Steve F. Front Suspension Rebuild

Today (2.18.24) and last Sunday, Steve F., Dave F., David N. assembled Steve F.'s refurbished front suspension on his 67 1600 in Steve's shop.

It all started several months ago when Steve, Dave F, and David N. met at Steve's shop to disassemble his front end for rebuild.  After disassembly, Steve spent about 20 hours cleaning all of the parts via wire wheel and then sent them to a powder coater in Mt. Vernon.

Steve obtained a significant number of parts from, like all new rotors, races, bearings, rubber bushings, bolts, etc., for reassembly.  Steve also obtained Mike Young front lowering springs.  

The three of us then spent two ten hour days these last two Sundays reassembling the front end suspension.  We luckily had the car on a lift. We also had a spare front end assembly as a guide, plus the roadster repair manual and often consulted  Then, reinstalling the brake calipers and bleeding.  

The car is ready to be returned the ground and driven.