Spring Drive

Ted had a spectacular Thursday drive April 7, 2016. Come out and join us on the next drive (Sunday April 10).

Ellensburg wind farm
Ellensburg wind farm
Snoqualmie Pass
Moses Coulee

Thorp Grist Mill
Thorp Grist Mill

Did an all day drive  out of the goodness of my heart for all of you with real lives, jobs and “dead” roadsters.

Over the pass
Near Teanaway

New Location starting January 2016

The January 2016 NWDE General Meeting is Sunday, Jan 10.

The Seahawks game starts at 10AM. In our best effort to be “football friendly,” the meeting will start at 2PM so you can get to the meeting after the game.


Changes in the ownership and management of the Yankee Grill has made our meetings there less than ideal. While searching  for a better meeting place, starting January 2016, the monthly meetings will be at the Round Table Pizza in Renton (just a couple blocks from IKEA).

302 SW 43rd Street
Renton, WA

VP  in charge of  Meeting Announcements