About NWDE

The Pacific Northwest’s Premier Datsun/Nissan Marque Club Since 1978

Who are we? Northwest Datsun Enthusiasts (NWDE) is a club in the Seattle area dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of all Datsun/Nissan vehicles. We meet monthly, and try to schedule automotive/social activities on a monthly basis (see Calendar of Upcoming events). We are members of the Western Washington Sports Car Council (WWSCC). NWDE is not affiliated with Nissan Motor Company, Ltd.

We are a group of Datsun enthusiasts. Our mission is to preserve the Datsun marque, which translates to putting as many vintage Datsuns on the road as possible. We also welcome any Nissan including Infiniti automobiles.

We are not persnickety about the condition of the cars, but are passionate to get them running and back on the road. Many of our members have extensive knowledge on how to do this, and have a network of people to find the missing parts to get going.

We would love you to come to a meeting, bring your car and hang out with us at our monthly meetings.

History of our club

Northwest Datsun Enthusiasts was founded in 1978 by a few autoslalom enthusiasts (including Gordon) who noticed that there were lots of marque clubs in the area (Porsche, Triumph, MG, Mustang, BMW, etc.), but no Datsun club. Our original emphasis was autoslalom competition, not by definition but simply by majority interest.

As time went on, our membership grew and the new members wanted to include more activities than just cone-busting. We branched out to include road racing, rallies, and other events that were more family-oriented. We have always tried to be responsive to the immediate interests of our membership. Our events provide a good balance of interests for both the competitive and non-competitive car enthusiast. We participate in and sponsor autoslaloms, rallies, tours, car shows, parties, and even some non-automotive activities like visits to the local zoo, aquarium and science center.

We publish a monthly newsletter called the NWDEletter and provide our members with a good network of support for resolving technical problems, locating parts, and generally helping out in whatever way we can. We have negotiated parts discounts at several local Nissan dealerships. Some of our current members have 510s, several have Roadsters, a few have Zs (and some have all three), many have Datsun Pickups, although this balance changes over time. Join us and become a NWDE member. Our dedication is to the preservation and enjoyment of all automotive activities, particularly those involving Datsun/Nissan/Infiniti vehicles.


Board Members
President Ted Heaton president@nwde.org
Vice-President Dan Robinson vicepresident@nwde.org
Secretary Bre Goss & Julie Harms secretary@nwde.org
Treasurer Steve Carter treasurer@nwde.org
Newsletter Editor Ted Heaton news@nwde.org
WWSCC rep Pete Peters wwrep@nwde.org
Webmasters Pete Peters