July NWDE meeting cancelled; Join us at Renton car show!

It is summer time. Right? We should all be out doing things with our Datsuns. Right? Well it so happens that many of us are going to the Return to Renton car show as a club {and you should be with us!!) on Sunday. Much better than attending a meeting. Right?

SO the July NWDE meeting is cancelled as all the officers will be at the Renton show or otherwise occupied. Instead of the meeting join us with your Datsun for the show OR at least stop by and visit your more active Club members who are driving their Datsuns to the show and supporting the club effort to show our Datsuns to the public.

We have a good turnout of 12 Datsuns for the show on Sunday, July 10. Weather looks acceptable.

Renton Washington
Web site: Return To Renton car show

Piazza Park - Downtown Renton
(Corner of South 3rd Street and Burnett Avenue South)

 – The President