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Keep on trucking – it’s fun again

It’s a big shout out to Joe E,  Ted and Dave F who all were instrumental in bringing up “baby” to speed, literally.  Over the weekend,  Joe and Ted did a massive roadster rear end swap to my ’64 pu rear end. WHAT A CHANGE.  I don’t have to be in the slow lane doing 50 -53 mph.  I can easily cruise at 60 mph all the way up to 70 mph.

On Sunday I even drove it over 400 miles to Canby, Or.  The most miles I  put on it in 30 years.  I even kept up with Ted and Don A.   I won 3rd place in my division after a late arrrival and after the voting started.

I received a number of “looks” and thumbs up on the freeway during the trip which I haven’t received on the freeway since the speed limit was 55mph.  I can honestly say “trucking is fun again”.  A big shout out to all NWDE members throughout the years who gave me support, advice and parts to make this happen.

All I can say is:  KEEP ON TRUCKING!