NWDE Clothing Optional AutoCross

Saturday 21 June 2014,  NWDE will be hosting its annual Clothing Optional AutoX.

As in past years this promises to be a fun, successful
weekend of hosting the WWSCC Championship
Event #4.

Where: Sanderson Field in Shelton, Washington

We named it Clothing Optional as a play on the pronunciation of our club’s acronym: NWDE = “nude”.   Drivers are, however, expected to wear clothing in public.

Details can be found at http://www.wwscc.org/

2014 Canby Datsun Show

By Ted, 15 June 2014

We had a good time today at a wet Canby Datsun Show. NWDE club members Ted and Jack showed with 320 trucks and Stalwart Don Anderson showed his roadster in the rain! 
Canby 6-15-14 001 
Many of the Portland area DROPS (Datsun Roadsters of Puget Sound) folks were also there. Wayne had his RARE 1962 Datsun U320 double-cab pickup at the show. It was a real attention getter!
Canby 6-15-14 008 
Good visiting all day long. 6 Roadsters were entered and DROPS Cleaned up with all 3 awards. I think the order, 1-3, was Tim C, John W and Mark? Anderson.
Jack K got 3rd in “Early Truck” with his 1964 Datsun Pickup.
 Canby 6-15-14 051
Wayne got “best car in the Corral” with his Datsun U320.
Ex-DROPS member Alan got first in the “other” category with his Datsun Chinook camper.
Canby 6-15-14 035 
Jack K was all smiles for the 400 mile drive. We just changed his differential. yesterday and he was cruising at 65-70. He has not gone that fast in the 40+ years he has owned the 320!
We all made the long trip without incident.

Canby 6-15-14 003Canby 6-15-14 014 Canby 6-15-14 018 Canby 6-15-14 006 Canby 6-15-14 061 Canby 6-15-14 058 Canby 6-15-14 052 Canby 6-15-14 046 Canby 6-15-14 041 Canby 6-15-14 042 Canby 6-15-14 036 Canby 6-15-14 039 Canby 6-15-14 034 Canby 6-15-14 032 Canby 6-15-14 031 Canby 6-15-14 030 Canby 6-15-14 029 Canby 6-15-14 028 Canby 6-15-14 027 Canby 6-15-14 026 Canby 6-15-14 025 Canby 6-15-14 024 Canby 6-15-14 023 Canby 6-15-14 022 Canby 6-15-14 021 Canby 6-15-14 020 Canby 6-15-14 019 Canby 6-15-14 011 Canby 6-15-14 013 Canby 6-15-14 007 Canby 6-15-14 003

Keep on trucking – it’s fun again

It’s a big shout out to Joe E,  Ted and Dave F who all were instrumental in bringing up “baby” to speed, literally.  Over the weekend,  Joe and Ted did a massive roadster rear end swap to my ’64 pu rear end. WHAT A CHANGE.  I don’t have to be in the slow lane doing 50 -53 mph.  I can easily cruise at 60 mph all the way up to 70 mph.

On Sunday I even drove it over 400 miles to Canby, Or.  The most miles I  put on it in 30 years.  I even kept up with Ted and Don A.   I won 3rd place in my division after a late arrrival and after the voting started.

I received a number of “looks” and thumbs up on the freeway during the trip which I haven’t received on the freeway since the speed limit was 55mph.  I can honestly say “trucking is fun again”.  A big shout out to all NWDE members throughout the years who gave me support, advice and parts to make this happen.

All I can say is:  KEEP ON TRUCKING!


NWDE June meeting one day earlier JUNE 19th

The JUNE NWDE meeting will be one day earlier on Thursday June 19th.  Same time 6:30 meet and greet.   Meeting at 7:30   Same location in Renton – Yankee Diner.

Our annual autocross fundraiser is on Sat June 21st in Shelton so we didn’t want back to back events.   Come to both and support your local Datsun club


3rd Annual Datsun Matsuri

by Ted Heaton

The 3rd Annual Datsun Matsuri at Kelowna, British Columbia – held on May 17, 2014 – was a great success. Matsuri   is the Japanese word for a festival, and a nice celebration it was!

Datsun Matsuri 2014 031 (800x600)
I drove my 1500 from the Vancouver area Friday AM with 5 other BC roadsters and a Z.
Thanks to Mitch and Sylvie ( I must not be spelling this right!) for the overnight stay on Thursday. 

Datsun Matsuri 2014 051 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 057 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 061 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 062 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 071 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 092 (800x600)


I can report that Mitch did NOT get a speeding ticket this time, (at least before I left!).
The Canuck police are much more polite than American cops. They had a sign out on the road (Police Ahead) before the radar trap!   Some of our group did attract police attention but tickets were avoided!

I was lagging back in the 1500 so missed all the excitement.
We had one short repair stop.
Our “guide” took us on a scenic route but it involved 30 km of gravel road!. He was fired from his guide position.


Datsun Matsuri 2014 109 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 119 (800x600)

I camped out Friday night in the Provincial Forest West of Kelowna.
The picture of my 1500 with the top up was for overnight rain protection, NOT driving!
Poor showing of Americans, as 2 of the 3 registered did not make it.
I showed the USA Flag and my 1500 got “Best of Show”.
Came back Saturday night as weather outlook was not good for Sunday.
750 miles for the trip and did not get rained on!

Datsun Matsuri 2014 124 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 126 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 127 (800x600)

12 Roadsters, about 12 Z’s and 2 510’s. The weather was “iffy” but we had a dry day. Datsun Matsuri 2014 138 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 139 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 140 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 141 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 142 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 144 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 145 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 146 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 147 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 148 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 149 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 150 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 155 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 160 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 162 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 164 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 167 (800x600)

Datsun Matsuri 2014 171 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 173 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 178 (800x600) Datsun Matsuri 2014 179 (800x600)

Thanks to Dave Myers for organizing this fine Datsun meet.


Welcome New Members

We are glad to welcome our new members:

  • Pat Mahoney
  • Dan Robinson
  • Steve Carter
  • Dennis Sullivan

All four have Datsun Roadsters. Steve also has a L320 truck. Steve, Dan and Dennis are in the Greater Seattle Area. Pat hails from Jack’s side of the state; Coulton, WA. Maybe a weekend Eastern Washington run someday?

Thanks for joining NWDE.

NWDE Treasurer